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发布时间: 2022 - 04 - 25
Embedded industrial computer is a kind of reinforced industrial computer. It can run reliably in the industrial environment as an industrial controller. In the future, embedded industrial computer will become the mainstream of industrial computer industry.
发布时间: 2020 - 03 - 24
Industrial PCs are mainly used in various industrial sites related to production and manufacturing, such as continuous production, batch manufacturing, and batch processing. They are characterized by reliability and stability, with a low probability of product problems. However, in the face of different industrial sites, the industrial computer may be in a very complex environment, such as dust, high-frequency vibration, ultra-high temperature, etc., which may damage the industrial control computer. In addition, human factors make the industrial control computer unable to work normally. Now for some common use environments, the industrial computer cannot be started. What are the general judgment steps? Volt IoT industrial computer manufacturers share:
发布时间: 2019 - 12 - 30
Industrial tablet computer, namely the touch all-in-one computer in the industrial personal computer, integrates a touch screen, a display and a host. The user only needs to touch the screen of the industrial tablet to realize the operation, which makes the human-computer interaction simpler and more intuitive. It is widely used in industrial automation, manufacturing execution systems, self-service terminals, medical, retail, transportation and other fields. Faced with the application needs of different industries, how to buy an industrial tablet? Today, Shenzhen Paiqin industrial tablet manufacturer will tell you some common sense for purchasing an industrial tablet, as follows: